I  have a huge black walnut (or cherry, oak, etc.) tree in my yard, can I sell it?  Probably not.  Very few timber buyers are interested in just a tree or two.  The main reason for this is it is expensive to move a machine in to remove the tree, and then pay for the trucking costs.  In this case, it usually costs the homeowner to have the tree removed.

    I can't afford a surveyor, and I know my lines are going to be hard to establish.  What can I do?  Carolina Timber Brokers will pay for your survey, and will hire a registered surveyor on your behalf.  The cost of the survey will then be deducted from the proceeds of your timber harvest.  There is no up-front out of pocket money from you, and you can still realize an income from your forest

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Whether it is 20 acres or 1000 give us a call  we offer free appraisals with no obligation .Call Us today !

Timber Prices

We recently heard that the timber market was bad and prices were down. Is that true? Timber prices fluctuate seasonally, and species-specific prices rise and fall. Timber is generally more valuable during the dormant months,however all weather tracks & conditions are good .

A Few Acres

We only own a few acres. Are you interested?  Generally, at least five acres are necessary to perform a timber harvest.Although sales can be administered on as little as one acre. The timber must be large, good quality, and densely distributed on small acreage tracts to make it feasible.

What type of equipment can we expect to see on our property? Generally most loggers use  rubber-tired log skidders to drag logs. Some use bulldozers,tri-axle log trucks,or flat bed tractor-trailers will haul the logs away.

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